Successful Soccer Betting Tips

Successful soccer betting is what Smartbet Kenya is all about. Football or Soccer betting is becoming an everyday activity for sports lovers and other punters looking to make some cash. It’s obvious that no one bets to fail but this does not mean that winning is always assured. Though soccer is one of the most unpredictable sports, there are certain guidelines you could follow to increase your chances of winning.

While confidence and resolve plays a crucial role in successful soccer betting, team factors is what you really need to focus on.  Here are four team factors you must do your best to assess before you place your bet.

Home and Away Records

Always make sure you access the home and away statistics for the team you wish put your stake on. Some teams are greatly motivated to win at home, while others do well when playing away.


Be sure to check the match history between the two teams. Matches between certain clubs always end up the same way, year in year out. This is crucial for successful soccer betting.

Team news

Look for information on given teams before you place your bet. Make sure you find information on suspensions and injuries. Which players will be missing from the game, and how important are they to the team. Also check for the records on players who will be playing instead.

Motivation and successful soccer betting

For successful Soccer betting, you have to check what motivates the team to win the game you are betting on. Some questions you might ask yourself include the following. Does the team really need the points? Are they faced with relegation? Is it one of the few games remaining for them to win the league? Etc


Check the team’s schedule. A team that has been through a tight schedule could possibly be tired. You must also check whether their next game is more important than the current one. Some teams save good players for an upcoming important match. Futbol 24 is the best place to find this information

Additional considerations for successful soccer betting include the following:

  • Bet only what you can afford, regardless of how sure you are of the outcome
  • Develop your unique betting system and follow it.
  • Do not bet on teams or leagues to don’t know anything about them
  • Do not be overconfident
  • Learn from your previous mistakes and experience.

And most importantly, a big win should not make you bet sporadically as this will ultimately lead to a lose.



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