As  we have been in the betting tips business for more than two years, and through our journey we have discovered a few truths about betting.
Truth 1: You will never become an overnight millionaire as a result of betting.
Truth 2: The higher the accumulated odds, the higher the profit but the slimmer the chance of winning.
Truth 3: Very low odds do not mean a guaranteed win.
Truth 4: It takes more than statistics to be even 60% confident that a team will win.

So we came up with a plan. Keep the odds low but go out of the way to evade other Sportsbook traps.
For two years we have been providing daily tips in two packages, premium tips (3.8-6.00 odds), Sure tips (2.00 -3.00 odds).
During our earlier inexperienced days we thought that big teams (like Bayern, PSG, Chelsea, Barcelona, etc) were guaranteed a win when playing against smaller teams. WE WERE WRONG! We have been forced to learn the better truth. It almost feels like every big team has it’s day of posting disappointing results. This means that even our sure odds were just unexpectedly losing.
It has taken us close to two years to strategize and counter the Cunning tactics employed by Sportbooks.

We now can deliver an average of 5 WINS a week in the sure tips category.
And from that a guaranteed income of 10K a week can be achieved.

Well, sure tips odds average 2.50 or 2.40 a week.
Let’s say with a weekly betting budget of Kshs 7,000 and betting only Kshs 1,000 a day.
5 Wins will deliver (5 x 2.5 x 1,000) = 12,500
If we deduct the money invested and lost for 2 days a week (12,500-2,000) = Kshs 10,500
Smartbet surebets

As simple as that my friend.
A cool Kshs 10,500 a week.

SMARTBET providers the suretips only daily basis as a text message send at or before 5pm.
The suretips are packaged together with the Premium tips but you can ignore the premium ones and just focus on the sure tips.
There is no much hustle on your side fren.
All you need to do is subscribe by paying Kshs 300 to Till No 791481. We will be reviewing the subscription fee upwards in a week or so.
Grab the chance while it lasts!
Need evidence: Our results for the last few days are here on the top page: CLICK HERE

For any queries kindly send a text message to 254731548202, a prompt response will be provided.

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